O MUNDO SOMOS NÓS (WE ARE THE WORLD)  is an experimental project that promotes the integral education of the human being.


We have created a comfortable and joyful place where children feel safe and respected and where they can be more independent and responsible for their learning processes and life, awakening their true intelligence, kindness, and responsibility towards the world, flourishing in freedom.


We intend to bring together children, teenagers, and adults, educators and students to discover the significance of life, through a deep investigation of their own thought and emotion processes, together with the learning according to the child’s personal motivation and other practical knowledge necessary to deal with the challenges in a conscious way.


Our offer consists in an educational service for children from 2 to 14 years old:

Mundo da Floresta (forest school inspired project for children from 2 - 6)  

Escola do Mundo (6 -14)

We are located in Goães, Vila Verde, Braga, Portugal.


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This is a non profit project. If you relate with our work, we thank you for your support.

The association which supports this education centre has other projects connected to community and sustainability. You can check these on the portuguese website.

Our website is currently being renewed. 



You might ask (…), What can one human being do to bring about a change, a revolution, a radical state, a new way of looking, living? I think that is a wrong question. If you put that question, ``What can I do, confronted with this disorder'', then you have already answered it; you can't do anything. Therefore it is a wrong question. But if you are concerned, not with what you can do confronted with this enormity of misery, but with how you can live a totally different life, then you will find that your relationship with man, with the whole community, with the world, undergoes a change. Because after all, you and I as human beings, we are the entire world (…).How one conducts one's life, what one does in daily life (…) is of the highest importance. Relationship is life, and this relationship is a constant movement, a constant change.


J. Krishnamurti, YOU ARE THE WORLD



Associação sem fins lucrativos

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